Where memories accompany you home

Is the place for your celebration

Whether birthdays, corporate parties or product presentations, every event is welcome here.  Over the 2 floors in the castle, and several locations outside, every wish can be fulfilled – not least through the special bond to our countryside. A newly-built bridge leads directly out of the castle, to the beautiful meadow plateau. Incidentally, most of the couples who decide to marry here, have the ceremony in the open air.




Gala Seating: 106 persons
Standing Reception: 180 persons
Cinema Seating: 130 persons
Seminar Seating: 60 persons

Gala Seating: 44 persons
Standing Reception: 80 persons
Cinema Seating: 60 persons
Seminar Seating: 30 persons


Gala Seating: 24 persons
Standing Reception: 45 persons

Castle Vault
Gala Seating: 65 persons
Standing Reception: 150 persons
Cinema Seating: 110 persons
Seminar Seating: 50 persons

The Spiegelsaal and Prunksaal can be combined to create one large hall. Two beautiful balconies offer a wonderful view over Graz.


Exclusive hire of the venue is possible for parties of 200 or more.  Altogether, there is space for 220 persons (Gala Seating) or approximately 300 persons, standing.

aiola im Schloss also has 150 parking spaces.